When is Iain Banks next appearing on TV/Radio?  

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He made several radio and TV appearances in September 2009 in support of his latest book, Transition. I missed them all, but an STV interview is online here. Details of the other appearances are available over on the official Iain Banks website.

A radio play adaptation of 'The State Of The Art' was broadcast on Radio 4 on Friday 6th March 2009 at 2.15pm. You can read more about the adaptation in Paul Cornell's blog.

The Wasp Factory featured on Radio 4's 'A Good Read' programme on Tuesday 3rd March 2009 when Huw Stephens chose it as one of his favourite books.

Iain appeared on Radio 4's 'Open Book' programme in February 2009.

He may have been interviewed during 2008 but I was probably drinking beer and/or watching GT racing at the time. So I didn't notice. Sorry.

Mark Lawson interviewed Iain on Front Row; Radio 4 on Wednesday 7th March 2007

He was interviewed by Mariella Frostrup on Sky/Artsworld's Book Club in March 2007.

He was interviewed by Peter Capaldi on BBC2's Culture Show in February 2007 (audio version here)

In March, the BBC World Service recorded an episode of World Book Club that featured The Wasp Factory.

He was interviewed by Mark Lawson as part of BBC4's Science Fiction Britannia season.

Appearances in 2006 included a number of BBC radio shows; interviews from the Edinburgh Book Festival, Wells Literature festival and an in-studio spot on the last outing of BBC6's 'Rocket Science'. The Wells interview is, for the time being, still on the BBC Somerset website

The Radio 4 'history of science-fiction' series 'Imagining Albion' featured Iain in two episodes, talking mainly about the Culture. It also featured some brief readings of his work.

He was on TV over Christmas 2005, winning his episode of Celebrity Mastermind with 'malt whisky and the distilleries of Scotland' as his specialist subject. Follow this link for those questions, along with educational and informative hyperlinks ;) As captain of the Writers team, he also made two winning appearances on University Challenge; questions to follow if I get a really slow day at work.


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